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Road Work on Baywind Drive
Posted on Sep 20th, 2012

As you know, a notice of our intent to start work was included in the most recent mailing  to all Southwind owners.  This notice is intended to provide you with more detailed information of the upcoming work, and how we plan to communicate this information to as many owners as possible.
Work is scheduled to begin Tuesday, September 25 in the morning.  The schedule is subject to change, please check the notice board at the entrance gate for current information.
The contractor,  intends to begin work at the Bayside end of the Baywind Drive, and work his way out to Southwind Drive.  One lane of traffic will be kept open at all times.  This phase of the work will take more than one week.  Changes to this schedule are more than likely.
Once work begins, we should all be mindful that once applied the crack filler & seal coating will take several hours to dry, depending weather conditions.   To avoid finding yourself “trapped” in your driveway with a fresh coat of sealant on the road, I suggest you verify if work is likely to occur in front of your house that day.  We'll try to have this information at the entrance, and the contractor should be knocking on your door the day he intends to work in front of your house.
Of course, some folks will not be so fortunate to coordinate their schedules, in which case they will have to drive through the freshly applied sealant.  If this happens to you, or someone you know, please be mindful that we cannot be responsible for the sealant coming off the tires of the vehicle and onto the body, bumpers, etc.  And, of course, if you drive through the sealant onto the driveway, the tires will carry a nice black line onto the driveway material.  Once again, we cannot be responsible for this event! 
The Contractor also asked that we have as many folks turn their irrigation systems off when he works in your part of the street.  He cannot apply the sealant on moist pavement.  This time of year will provide us with ideal working conditions, so his work should go fast.  I suggest that you only turn off the irrigation the day before and the day of his working in front of your home.
One other word of caution.  This material will provide a strong odor for several days after it has been applied. 
Please communicate this information to as many of your neighbors as possible.  
Thank you!
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