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Bluewater Bay (BWB) Resort Golf Course Activities
Posted on Sep 2nd, 2012


Subject: Bluewater Bay (BWB) Resort Golf Course Activities

The Southwind Property Owners Association has been monitoring the activities of the BWB Resort’s (golf course) since last fall. Your Board’s concern was promulgated by the letter sent to Southwind residents stating the financial turmoil of the BWB Resort and the potential of closing the Magnolia and/or Marsh courses. Last November, the BWB Resort offered Southwind residents the opportunity to purchase a gold card which would help provide funds for golf course maintenance. Recently, your Board formed a committee, based on the letter from BWB Resorts, to analyze the facts related to the golf course operation, zoning, and contractual obligations and to formulate a menu or responses that our Association
con consider. Since this spring, Magnolia Plantation reconfiguration plans by BWB Resort have been a subject of discussion and have lead us to the following action.

Your Association feels it is important to maintain a harmonious and open relationship with the BWB Resort so the Marsh course and all the courses in Bluewater Bay can continue to enhance the community and maintain our property values. However, your Association also knows that the owners of the resort cannot lose money and keep all the courses open. With that in mind, your Board and Committee are addressing numerous alternatives for a positive solution.

As a starting point, the Board has attached a draft letter which can be sent to Okaloosa County GrowthManagement and the Regional Planning Council which will voice your feelings on changing the zoning for the golf courses of BWB. Your Association is continuing to onitor and work the issue. As more information is available updates will be posted at our web site, , and through our newsletter.

Once again your Board thanks the Southwind Residents for the positive attitude that has been displayed.
Comment By: Larry Stanley
Posted on Sep 7, 2012

I believe that it is time that we, as an association, become involved in a proactive stance regarding the possible closure or dismembering of our community's main asset = the golf course. I have resided in BWB for 29 years and I know who would be best to look at our situation most objectively and legally. If Mike Chesser does not have a conflict of interest, he is the man we need. Consider it!