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County Commissioners meeting regarding Magnolia Golf Course Cancelled
Posted on Apr 16th, 2013

The BWBMGA Members put out a statement today that they were informed that the Resort Owners have decided not to pursue the proposed changes for the Magnolia Course and will not be appearing before the County Commission this Thursday.  They were also informed that the Magnolia Course would be closing on May 1st.
Our Attorney, Jill Crew, late last night sent in a request that the meeting go ahead as scheduled due to so many residents attending and at that time not knowing where we all stood.  This morning the County Staff with two Attorneys reviewed everything and because this was unprecedented there was no legal grounds not to accept the withdrawal and no legal grounds to hold a public hearing.  Thus the decision was made to cancel.
We believe that the Resort Owners pulled out because the County’s evaluation of the NOPC (notice of proposed change), delivered to both parties on 17 April clearly showed that the County Staff did not agreed to the answers provided by the Resort's Attorneys Steve Hall and Bob Apgar.  The Resort’s attorneys were not able to prove compliance with the County's Comprehensive Plan.
Our Attorney,Jill Crew believes that after consideration, the Resort under estimated our Attorney and our expert team that Jill gathered in our defense.
This is an important step in the process of finding the best compromise.  Our Attorney, Jill Crew along with Pat Blackshire did an excellent job representing us. They are both passionate and dedicated on behalf of the community. The other experts brought in our behalf worked diligently to further our cause.
It is also bitter sweet knowing the golf course would close.  Our next step in the process is to do all we can to insure the course is cut, watered and maintained as a Greenbelt area. 
I thank each and every one of you for your support.
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