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Covenant Revision Review
Posted on Feb 24th, 2017

February 24, 2017
The Board of Directors appointed a Document Review Committee last year to review the Declaration and By-Laws of the Association and to work with the Association’s attorney, Michelle Anchors, to recommend updates and changes. After several drafts, the committee has made a final recommended revised set of documents and has presented it to the Board for review.
The revised documents are now posted on the Web site, in the File Cabinet, for owner review and comment. The Board will make its final review at the next Board meeting on March 15, 2017, including all owner comments, after which the draft documents will be presented to all owners along with a proxy voting document. The documents will be officially recorded if two-thirds of the owners vote to approve them.
Please forward comments and questions to your Community Association Manager, Jordan Hernandez, at, or 850-374-2711, or to Michael Kent,, or 850-664-6000, extension 203.
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