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Gate Access for After Hours Visitors
Posted on Nov 21st, 2011

What if your guests arrive after ten pm when the Guard House is closed? How will they enter Southwind? Certainly you can drive to the gatehouse and use your personal remote to raise the Resident Gate. Here's an even easier and more convenient method. Let your guests know in advance about this simple procedure:

            1. Have them pull the vehicle close to the silver Access Panel located next to the Guard House.

            2. Use the "A" or "B" buttons on the panel to scroll through names of residents until they reach your name. 
            3. When the display window shows your name, press the "Call" button, ringing the telephone you have previously registered with the guards.  Alternatively, you can provide your guest with your three digit code and they can enter the number on the keypad.

            4. Answer your phone and press "9" on it to remotely raise the Visitor's Gate.

If, during the next few days, your guests will need access during normal "Guard" hours, have them stop at the Guard House and obtain a pass.

Note that the telephone push buttons on the Access Panel are for maintenance use, not to permit the unit to be used as a telephone.
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