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Residents approve golf course agreement
Posted on Oct 8th, 2013

All of the key provisions that the board wanted have been kept in the contract. Key among them is that if the resort faced future financial difficulty which would necessitate closing an additional nine holes the Marsh course would remain open while either the Bay or Lake would be closed. Additionally the resort will proof that all money collected with this program will be spent on improving the Marsh course. The contract will renew automatically, except that either party can provide 90 days written notice within the Sept/Oct period to discontinue the contract which meets our financial timelines for preparing yearly budgets. Finally, the $160 fee will be in effect for the first two years of the contract after which it will be adjusted by the United States CPI.

I would like to thank all of the board members for their support and hard work in making this happen. I think we can safely say that we did a great service for our community in preserving our quality of life.

We can now communicate the good news to our community.

Finally, the resort would like to host a welcoming event for all Southwind and Sunset Beach homeowners. They are tentatively planning a free BBQ and drinks party tentatively scheduled for November 3rd. The resort will be providing further information on this in the near future.
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