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Street and Easement Management Maintenance
Posted on Jan 1st, 2012

The Roads Committee met with representitives from the Okaloosa County Engineering Department to survey the condition of Baywind Drive, and discussed the costs and benefits of several ways to improve the roadway.  Below is a note from the Roads Committee Chair, Felix Beukenkamp:

The County engineering folks did encourage us to communicate two points
to those that live on Baywind Drive, although their comments also apply
to anyone living on a road that does not have concrete curbing. 
The asphalt road edge has been degraded, and is collapsing in many
locations due to aggressive mechanical edging of the lawns.  When
edging, please do not allow your equipment to "dig" deeper than 1" down;
trenches greater than 1" have compromised the structural integrity of
the road base, which then results in the failure of the asphalt wearing

The lowest spot of the drainage swales along the edge of the roads
should be at least 8" lower than the roadway, and, the level of the
landscaping and grass at the edge of pavement should be low enough to
allow for the free flow of rain water off the pavement.

The pavement on Baywind Drive is in good condition.  In order to
properly maintain the roadway, which is our Association's property, your
understanding of the issues and cooperation will be needed.  One option
we can take, and one that I will present to the Board in January, is to
re-establish grades along both sides of Baywind Drive, where the
designed flow of rainwater off the roadway is impeded by landscaping.
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