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Greenspace Initiative Update - Golf Pay to Play
Posted on May 16th, 2024
Southwind Residents:
Preserve Bluewater Bay is closing on the Bluewater Bay Golf Course land, and through 2024, the Gold Card terms for a round of golf a month for residents of Southwind, Sunset Beach, and Coach Homes will be honored. Soon, we will begin to work towards a new Greenspace Support Agreement that will better meet the needs of our Community following the transfer of ownership. Bluewater Bay Development Ventures created the Gold Card with Southwind in an agreement to defer the closure of the nine holes of the Marsh Course surrounding our homes. It served its purpose, and now golf is a means to an end for our Community to help maintain the green space surrounding our homes and ultimately help control development. Our Spring Owners Survey validated the support for this Greenspace initiative. So, instead of looking at golf itself, we see golf as a means to the end objective; thus, we are changing the focus, the narrative, and the agreement to help maintain the greenspace in the future. We all agree that now golf must pay for itself, and we can support this by agreeing to make golf pay to pay, eliminating the complimentary rounds of golf, and instead using a negotiated discount for memberships and play. In that light, the New Director shared the following membership rates and is offering a five percent discount for Southwind, Sunset Beach, and Coach Homes Owners and Residents. For the foreseeable future, the golf course will need our support. Undoubtedly, it remains the most economical means to maintain our greenspaces and control further development around us. So, while we may eliminate the outdated gold card terms, we plan to negotiate our continued support for the surrounding greenspaces. So, we encourage you to support with your membership or pay to play instead of your golf card free round under the current agreement.   
New 2024 Rates + Tax:

Super Family Annual / Monthly - $3960.00 / $330.00
Family Annual / Monthly -  $3516.00 / $293.00
Single Annual / Monthly - $2829.00 / $235.75
Junior Annual / Monthly - $1242.00 / $103.50
Social Annual / Monthly - $731.40 / $60.95
For more information on Golf or Golf Operations - Contact Bluewater Golf Club Course, Ryan Ferguson, at (850) 987-3241. 
Contractor and Service Provider Registration
Posted on Mar 16th, 2024 Comments (0)
Contractor and Service Provider Registration 
Contractors and service providers registering with our Southwind Property Manager may receive a gate access code. While owners may issue one-time codes, the intent is to provide an annually renewed code to help owners. Contractors and Service Providers who register and receive a gate code sign acknowledging they will comply with our rules and restrictions.   Referring a contractor to register with our PMA Property Manager also puts the responsibility for compliance on the respective Contractor and/or Service Provider, not the owner.  Refer Contractors and Service Providers to register through April Roach (850) 860-9486 or
Covenants, Rules and Restrictions
Posted on Mar 15th, 2024
The 1986 Covenants, filed on March 13th, are our governing documents. They refer to rules and restrictions noted throughout this website, which are also in effect. You may obtain a paper copy of the 1986 Covenants by requesting one from the Southwind Property Manager, April Roach, at