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Common Area Maintenance

The infrastructure, private roads and other common areas within Southwind are maintained using your HOA assessment dollars. We hope that you enjoy these areas and help us preserve them for your continued enjoyment as well as the enjoyment of others. If you have any questions or comments about maintenance of our roads, drainage systems, signs or landscaping, please contact the association manager.
The golf course and lakes (with the exception of lake on Baywind Drive) are owned and managed by the Bluewater Bay (BWB) Golf Course. Residents are not allowed to cross private property to access lakes. If you have any questions about course access or fishing, please contact the BWB Golf course at (850)897-3241.

The duty of this committee is to maintain and keep the common areas of Southwind looking attractive and inviting to the homeowners and their guests. In this way we are helping to keep the property values up. Winter and Summer flowers are planted at the entrance and down Southwind Drive. The islands and some of the street entrances also have blooming plants, adding additional color. New plantings are put in when plants die or areas get overgrown with age. The maintenance is performed by a landscape company we contract with, so none of the labor has to be done by the committee. Our job is to oversee that maintenance and plantings are being done properly.
Signs, Roads & Drainage

The roads and associated drainage (storm water management) systems in Southwind are owned & maintained by the Property Association. The road system is comprised of the asphalt pavement, base (gravel or sand/clay), sub-base (compacted sand), and signs. The drainage system is comprised of swales along the sides of the roads (without curbs), storm water inlet structures, distribution lines, outlet structures, lakes and wetlands. Our drainage system is heavily reliant on the initial treatment of rain water through the use of swales, those slightly recessed areas on each side of the roads. The swales should be low enough to allow for water to flow easily off the pavement into the low area of the swale. The low area of the swale should be at least 6" below the edge of pavement. Allowance should be made for grass growth. Swales should be maintained in a fashion to accept and hold water from the roadway; this detail is critical to minimizing the amount of water we ask our piping system to convey. Once the swale is full, it should be designed to overflow, downstream, towards the nearest drain. Introducing additional water into the community storm water management system is not permitted, and will reduce its already limited capacity. This includes, but is not limited to: pool backwash drains, cooling well overflows, rain gutter underground roof conductors, water generated from roofs, driveways and other impervious areas. A representative of your Board of Directors is available to meet with you to review the drainage plan for your property.