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Gate & Loss Prevention Services

Southwind Gate Phone: (850) 777-6045
Southwind Gate Hours effective January 29, 2024 
Monday - Saturday, 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM; Sunday and *Holidays the gate is unattended.
* Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day, and all Federal Holiday's. 
Residents may provide access to authorized personnel and guests in accordance with our covenants and by-laws.  
Questions - Contact Community Association Manager (CAM) (850) 860-9486.
Resident contact information forms are available at the gate. If you have a “Permanent Guest” who comes regularly, such as domestic help, landscapers, friends, or family, please submit their name(s) on this form. Your information should be reviewed annually to ensure your contact information is up-to-date so that you can be contacted in an emergency.
Guests. All guests must be on your permanent list or cleared by the resident. It is recommended that you notify the gate attendant in advance to expedite the entry process for your guest. A resident must be over 18 to clear a guest. If guests stay at the residence for more than one night, gate personnel must obtain a pass.
Remote Transmitters. Each homeowner is provided with two transmitters. Replacement transmitters ($20) and batteries ($2) are available at the gate. If you do not have a transmitter, please use the guest entrance.
Unattended Gate Entry Visitors may either find the resident in the directory or the resident may send the visitor a QR code ahead of their visit using the Cellgate smartphone app.  
Soliciting. No soliciting of any type is permitted in Southwind.
Contracting Services. A resident can clear a contractor to enter when unattended, following our covenants and by-laws.  However, work can only be performed between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm Monday through Friday and 9 am to 6 pm Saturday (except in emergencies).
Gate Operation. Personnel are to identify every vehicle entering Southwind. Please do not open the gate for a vehicle ahead of you. Gates are designed to allow only one car to pass through at a time. The resident gate will quickly reopen for a second car’s transmitter click only if the click occurs when the gate is lowering to the closed position (not when it is rising). Ensure your guests are aware of the gate operating process.
Neighborhood Security

Our gate services are for gate access only and do not extend to neighborhood security. Although Southwind is a gated community, it is prudent to follow common safety practices such as closing your garage door and locking your home and automobiles. In an emergency, do not call the gate – call 911 or the Okaloosa Sheriff at (850) 651-7400.
Traffic Control. Southwind does not have sidewalks, so pedestrians and cyclists share the roadway. Therefore, for the safety of all residents, all residents must abide by the posted speed limits and traffic signs. Although our roads are privately maintained, our neighborhood is patrolled by Okaloosa Sheriff Deputies.   
Golf Carts, Scooters, and Other Motorized Vehicles. Golf carts may be used within Southwind; however, drivers must be at least 14 years old. All County and State regulations apply.
Street Parking. Some of our roads are narrow, and parking on them can create traffic hazards and problems for emergency vehicles. Street parking is intended for short-term use and must not be used by residents daily; additionally, no overnight parking is authorized on any street in Southwind.
Fire Safety. In the event of a fire, the fire department must be able to find the nearest fire hydrant immediately. Please keep the areas surrounding them clear.
Vacation Security Check.  The Okaloosa Sheriff’s Department offers a free “Security Check” service if you are out of town. Your home will be patrolled and checked for security. The easiest way to make a request is online. (Click here.) You can also call 651-7400. For the request, you should have the following information available:
• Name, Address, Phone Numbers, and dates of travel
• Next of Kin Contact Information
• Special Instructions (Cars in the driveway, lawn service or other persons expected, a neighbor with key, the out-of-town number for the owner, etc.)
The service request should be completed one week before your departure date.