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Board Members

2020 Board of Directors

There are nine members of the board of directors; six from Southwind and three from Sunset Beach. Board Members are elected and serve for two years. Applications are distributed in the Newsletter each September, or are available from the Association Manager. All applications are due in November. Elections are held by ballot in conjunction with the annual homeowners meeting (2nd Wednesday in December).
Current Board Officers are:
Name Represents Position
Steve Duresky Southwind President
Toni Maine Southwind  
Wendy Arbuckle Southwind Secretary and Treasurer
Barry Johnson Southwind Roads/Drainage Chair
Bruce Kennedy Southwind VP, Landscaping/Irrigation Chair
April Chapel Southwind Security Chair
Dustin Pace Sunset Beach Representative
Karen Malloy Sunset Beach Representative
Kissy Gordon Sunset Beach
Homeowners Advocacy Committee
Karl Welhart, Chairman
Architectural Committee 
Don Roberts, Chairman
Website Maintenance

We are always looking for volunteers to help on various committees. For more information on a specific committee, please click on one of the links below. If you would like to become a member, please contact the Association Manager.