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Violations and Waivers

Covenant Enforcement Procedures

Please see SouthWind Rules on Rules and Covenants page. 
  Other Fines:     
  • Gate Violation/Damage $200
  • Late Payment Fee $25 per month
Reporting Covenant Violations

It is the responsibility of the association manager to ensure that all the covenants and rules are enforced within Southwind. If you have a concern that you feel has not been addressed, please contact the association manager .

Your concern will be handled in strict confidence.
Resident Issue Resolution Procedure

If you would like a waiver to a rule, clarification on a covenant, or disagree with a decision (e.g., an ARC review), you may ask for a review by the Homeowner’s Advocacy Committee (HAC). The HAC can help you present it to the board at a scheduled board meeting. Requests for a HAC review can be made through the association manager.