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Violations and Waivers

Covenant Enforcement Procedures

Normally, a phone call or courtesy letter/email is all that it is needed to correct a violation – it is simply an issue with knowing or understanding a rule. The association manager will contact the resident before any fines are assessed. Our policy and associated fines are listed in the schedule of fines below:
1st Violation –  Courtesy warning in the form of a phone call followed up by a written warning notice
2nd Violation – (Violation not corrected within 30 days or the violation reoccurs) $ 50.00 fine
3rd Violation –  (Violation not corrected within 60 days or the violation reoccurs) $100.00 fine
The covenants outline legal steps for resolution if a violation is not corrected; including taking the action to correct an offense at the owner’s expense.
  Other Fines:     
  • Gate Violation/Damage $200
  • Late Payment Fee $25 per month
According to State Statute 720:
  • A fine may not be imposed without a 14 day warning and an opportunity to be heard by the Homeowner's Advocacy Committee (see resident resolution procedures below). 
  • An aggregate fine cannot exceed $5,000 and fines under $1,000 are not lien able. 
Reporting Covenant Violations

It is the responsibility of the association manager to ensure that all the covenants and rules are enforced within Southwind. If you have a concern that you feel has not been addressed, please contact the association manager at 850-664-6000, or via Contact Us on this website. 
Your concern will be handled in strict confidence.
Resident Issue Resolution Procedure

If you would like a waiver to a rule, clarification on a covenant, or disagree with a decision (e.g., an ARC review), you may ask for a review by the Homeowner’s Advocacy Committee (HAC). If you are still unhappy with the ruling, you may present your request to the Board at a scheduled board meeting. Requests for a HAC review can be made through the association manager, or by contacting the Board President via Contact Us.  Mediation between a homeowner and the HAC is confidential; however, a summary of the HAC recommendation will be presented for recording in the Board Meeting Minutes (unless otherwise requested by the homeowner).