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Welcome to Southwind!  Feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions or comments. 
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~ News ~
Golf Course Projected Closing Date April 30, 2024.
Posted on Mar 20th, 2024
PBWB signed a purchase agreement with BBDV on February 28, 2024, with a closing date of April 30, 2024. PBWB asks for all Pledges and Sliver Purchases made over the past two years to be funded as soon as possible. You may find more information on on this and more on the PBWB website at
Contractor and Service Provider Registration
Posted on Mar 16th, 2024
Contractor and Service Provider Registration 
Contractors and service providers registering with our Southwind Property Manager may receive a gate access code. While owners may issue one-time codes, the intent is to provide an annually renewed code to help owners. Contractors and Service Providers who register and receive a gate code sign acknowledging they will comply with our rules and restrictions.   Referring a contractor to register with our PMA Property Manager also puts the responsibility for compliance on the respective Contractor and/or Service Provider, not the owner.  Refer Contractors and Service Providers to register through April Roach (850) 860-9486 or
Covenants, Rules and Restrictions
Posted on Mar 15th, 2024
The 1986 Covenants, filed on March 13th, are our governing documents. They refer to rules and restrictions noted throughout this website, which are also in effect. You may obtain a paper copy of the 1986 Covenants by requesting one from the Southwind Property Manager, April Roach, at

~ Southwind Board Meeting ~
The next Southwind Board Meeting is Wednesday, June 12th, at 6:00 PM Central Time (US). Residents can access Zoom Meeting log-in information at least 48 hours in advance. To be on the agenda during public comments, contact April Roach at

~ ARC Meeting ~
The next ARC Board Meeting is Tuesday, April 19th, at 6:00 PM Central Time (US). Residents can access Zoom Meeting log-in information at least 48 hours in advance.  For more information contact April Roach at

~ Southwind 2024 Budget ~
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~ Southwind 2024 Spring Survey ~
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~ Okaloosa Emergency Services ~
Learn more about Community Preparedness and Emergency Management at:

~ Rules and Restrictions Compliance ~
As valued community members, Southwind residents appreciate your commitment to maintaining your property within the standards spelled out in our community rules and restrictions. However, we have noticed an increased lack of adherence to more egregious, less subjective standards like parking on the grass, trash receptacles visible from the street, and poor or non-existent lawn care. We have asked our property manager to increase the violation notices to comply. In addition to the property manager's weekly inspections, if you see something - say something, and we will follow up ~    

~ Southwind 1986 CC&Rs ~
The State of Florida approved our MRTA reinstatement of the 1986 Covenants, By-Laws, and Restrictions (CC&Rs). We filed them on March 13, 2024.  We formed a new organizing committee to update the 1986 CC&Rs and submit to the owners a new set of CC&Rs for approval at the next annual meeting. In the meantime, we will follow and enforce the reinstated 1986 CC&Rs and the Board-approved rules and restrictions posted on this website.  Any questions, please reach out to the property manager April Roach at  Upon request, owners will be provided a paper copy or may reference the documents via this website. 
LN Woody Gray
President, Southwind POA.         

~ Southwind Reinstated Documents ~
Reinstated (3/13/24)
1986 Covenants, Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and Plats:

~ Southwind Association Property Management ~
Southwind POA Management

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Go to:
Click on “Association Management”
Click on “Log In” if registered or “Sign Up” to set up your account.
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Please go to your “Account Profile”,
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Southwind Property Owners’ Association, Inc. is managed day-to-day by Progressive Management of America, Inc. 
Following is a list of Progressive Management Staff contact information:
Community Association Manager: April Roach 
(850) 860-9486                    
Janna Carroll
(850) 664-6000 x204